The Houston live music scene in the 60's, 70's, and early 80's.

Music was very important for many of us that grew up in Houston, Texas. Houston had a very vibrant music scene, especially in the 60's and 70's when many rock superstars visited our city. I was lucky enough to have seen many of those artist. This is my attempt to showcase some of the concerts and venues of that era.
The Montrose Area, Westbury Square, Market Square, Allen's Landing, Liberty Hall, Catacombs, Love Street. All very familiar names and locations in Houston back then. This was a time when music only came on vinyl. You could not download or even go out and buy music videos. There was no cable or MTV. Your one and only chance of seeing an artist was catching them live. Even if it meant having to spend a whole five dollars for a ticket to see someone like Hendrix or the Doors. It was during a time of counterculture marked by civil rights unrest, an unpopular war, women’s rights and a general distrust of our government. Music was what brought us together. This site is dedicated to the Houston music scene during that period.

Any of these places sound familiar?

Evolution Records Space City News
The Grass Hut Mr. Fantasy
Family Hand KFMK
The Staff of Life PACIFICA
Electric Paisely KAUM


If you have any memories to share about the Houston music scene from the "old days" please email me at: